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Compact Disc

The Future of Software — Freemium and Subscriptions

Compact Disc

The business model for software has seen tremendous change in the last decade. Gone are the days of buying software in large boxes from retail store for a hefty price. Gone are the days when you needed to pay nearly as much to receive updates to the software you purchased. For instance, in the past, if you payed $50 for a version 1 of a software, you were expected to pay another $50 for version 2. In many instances, “upgrade” prices would slightly reduce the cost of the new version, but not by much. Today, with a few exception, that is not how it works. Only a few big name software has been able to hold on to the tradition, namely Microsoft Office and, until recently, Adobe Creative Suite. But even these software makers are moving away from the old model. We are truly moving to a new era in software business. Continue reading

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Windows-8-logo-300x300 – Great Windows 8 Resources, Tips, and Tutorials

This post is not a sponsored or promotional post. Rather, the goal of this post is to direct you to information that you may find helpful, informative, and interesting. I want to share with you This is a fantastic place to get some great Windows 8 related tips, tricks, and tutorials. They sometimes even suggest new Windows 8 apps, like we do! Some tutorials on the site are basic, and perfect for those new to the latest version of Windows while others are advanced and provide huge benefits. Some of the advanced tutorials include being able to refresh or reset your Windows 8 PC without requiring the install disc, being able to add custom start screen wallpaper, and running Antroid natively on top of Windows!

If you love technology, and you love Windows, you owe yourself a visit to the website. I know I learned a lot of neat things from there!

Check out

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Experiment: Running Windows 98 on Windows 7 & 8

Is running windows 98 on windows 7 or 8 possible in 2013? Well first, Windows 98 was released in 1998. That’s a whooping 15 years! We are going to try running this 15 year old bad boy and see just how compatible these operating systems are.

We will browse the web and try installing modern software designed to run on Windows 7 and 8. Is it possible to browse today’s modern web? Can we install today’s applications in Windows 98? How far can we go? Join us, as we venture into the world of a 90’s operating system in the second decade of the 21th century!


Windows 8 Glitch Causes Windows 95 UI to Appear

For some strange reason, I encountered a Windows 8 glitch that did something unusual. Windows 8 fell back to the Classic, Windows 95 style, theme for window boarders, and user interfaces, such as buttons, text boxes, radio buttons, and more.

The Windows 95 UI theme, also known as Windows Classic Theme was finally removed in Windows 8 as an option. Up until Windows 7, users could switch to the Windows Classic UI theme. However, even though the classic theme in Windows 8 is no longer an option, it is still dormant, revealing itself when Windows needs to fall back to something simpler, and old fashioned.

Can’t play the video? Click here!


How To Reinstall Microsoft Office Without the Disc

Were you in a situation in which you lost or misplaced your Microsoft Office Disc and now are unable to reinstall Office on your computer? Ever wonder how you would ever be able to reinstall Microsoft Office It often happens that we may need to reinstall Microsoft office when we buy a new PC or when you reinstall Windows on our old PC. But what if you no longer have the Office installation disc? If you purchased Microsoft office, you can use it forever (this does not apply to the subscription based Office 365).

In this tutorial, we will show you how to reinstall Microsoft Office without the disc. If you no longer have access to your Microsoft Office Installation Disc, here’s how to get you up and running again.

What you will need:

  • A personal computer
  • An internet connection
  • Your Microsoft Office product key (More information below)

Reinstalling Microsoft Office without the install Disc:

Step 1: Locate your Microsoft Office Product key. When you purchased office, wheter you bought it at a store, from the web, or it came with your PC, you were given a 25-digit Microsoft Office Product key. It is very important to keep the Product Key in a safe place and/or write it down. You must have your product key to reinstall Microsoft Office.

Step 2:  Click here to visit the Microsoft Office download page. From the download page, what you need to click depends on which version of Microsoft Office you own. Please follow the steps below for your version of Microsoft Office.

Office 2013 for PC or Office for Mac instructions

Step 3: Click on the green Download button under the main heading “My copy of Office came with a Disk”.

Download Office Link

Step 4: Enter your Product Key. Once you do, you will need to log in to your Microsoft Account. You can create a free account if you do not have one.

Install Office 2013

Step 5: Download and Enjoy

 Office 2010 for PC instructions

Step 3: Click on the green Download button under the main heading “Download or get a backup for Office 2010″

Download Office 2010

Step 4: Enter your Office 2010 Product Key and select your language. Once you do, you may need to log in to your Microsoft Account. You can create a free account if you do not have one.

Key Varify

Step 5: Download and Enjoy

That’s how you how to reinstall Microsoft Office without the original installation media. Have any other Microsoft issues you need troubleshooting? Sound off in the comments below!

Hurrah! Windows 8.1 Web Store has gone Live!–Updated!


Yesterday we broke the news about Microsoft now making the Windows Store Searchable from the web, today we are glad to announce that the Windows 8.1 themed Webstore has gone live. The former web access in the Win8.0 timeframe only gives you limited information and the experience was limited. Now you have a web access that is full, rich and informative. It is on-par with the MX Store App.

Please note that this is not the full Store experience. You can’t purchase apps from the webstore, and you can’t just open this web access, you have to approach it via an App link. For example after searching for an app like we showed you yesterday, clicking on any of the apps will bring you to this new Webstore.  For example, seaching for and clicking on WebAccess App brings you to this new web store.

Well Microsoft is on the roll lately on all front, so this comes as no surprise. Which company is most innovative right now? Yes, you guessed it right. Go Microsoft!


Unfortunately, Microsoft has pulled the site, so there is no way for you to verify we broke this story. Luckily I have the full screenshot in IE MX shown below. Hopefully the new WebStore will be back. We are keeping an eye on this for you as usual.


Hyper for YouTube Gets Massive Update


We previously blogged about our YouTube app of choice on Windows 8/RT. It is Hyper for YouTube. It is an amazing YouTube app that is packed with features and also allows the ability to play YouTube videos in the background.

Well, we have a massive update for this app that brings loads of new features. For instance, the now-playing interface has been updated to show more options with just a click on the full-screen video. The non full-screen mode has been also updated to make it more concise and standard looking. However, the first thing you will notice on this update is the new first run wizard. After the update, a wizard will guide you to setting up the app with regions, color scheme, account linking, and more. The update also brings other UI changes and the ability to pin videos and channels.

Another change is the ability to upgrade to Pro version, which allows for more color schemes, advanced features, and batch YouTube video downloads.

If you have Windows 8.1, you should automatically have the latest version. If not, you can update it manually from the Windows Store. For Windows 8 users, you will need to do a manual update.

Download: Hyper for YouTube

Skycap Mail (2)

A POP3 and IMAP Capable Email Client for Windows 8 and RT – Skycap Mail

Image by Sean MacEntee
Image by Sean MacEntee



Windows 8 and RT’s default mail client does not support the legacy POP protocol for emails. If you or your business relies on POP3 protocol for email, you unfortunately cannot use the default mail client. If you use Windows 8, you could always install a desktop email client to handle POP3, but how about if you use Windows RT, like the Surface RT? Well, Skycap Mail has you covered. According to the publishers, the app is able to handle full POP3 and IMAP protocols for anyone who needs it. And because this is a Windows Store app, it works on Windows RT as well! It is a paid app, but it offers a trial, so go ahead and take it for a spin!


Are you one of those millions of people that were quick to adopt Windows 8, but was left disappointed to find out that not a single email client existed that could provide support for both POP3 and IMAP?

Perhaps you did find a suitable email client, but discovered that it could not run on Windows RT devices.

We were too and that’s why Codelogic (Pty) Ltd created Skycap Mail.

Skycap Mail is the ONLY  fully featured email…


  1. Automatically synchronise emails in the background. Get notified as new emails arrive. View live tile updates of unread emails on your desktop. View badge updates of unread emails on your lock screen.
  2. Add multiple mail accounts for both POP3 and IMAP. Out of the box support for adding Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL mail accounts.
  3. Automatic discovery of email settings for sending and receiving email, just by providing your email address and password. If automatic discovery fails, you can manually configure your settings.
  4. Filter unread, read and flagged emails. Search mails by sender, recipients, subject and content.
  5. Turn on and off features and update account settings from the Account settings charm.
  6. Manually sync emails on demand.
  7. Create, Rename and Delete mailbox folders. Move emails between folders as well.
  8. Select all emails in a selected mailbox. Mark emails as read/unread/junk/deleted or flag them.
  9. Restore junk emails back to inbox. Delete emails and restore deleted emails back to inbox.
  10. Create new mails. Reply, Reply to All or Forward emails to other recipients.
  11. Send emails from any connected account. Select contacts to send to from Windows People (To, Cc, and/or Bcc) .
  12. Send emails as plain text or html, with low, medium or high priority. Add attachments. Save to drafts.
  13. Format html emails, using different Fonts, font styles, sizes and colour. Set the text alignment. Insert images and links.

Download it here: Skycap Mail

McAkins Tile Wide

McAkins Online App Available Now for Windows 8 and RT!




Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the McAkins Online app for Windows, available for download right now from the Windows Store. With the McAkins Online app for Windows, you can view great Windows app recommendations, Windows Tips and Ticks, technology discussions, and more!

Download it here:

Here’s a message from the creator of McAkins Online:

Started this whole thing in the eighties, watched the birth of Microsoft and Apple as garage hobbyists to the present age of megalomanic money-driven Tech giants! Seen everything from Gallium Arsenide Junctions to FETs, from MOSFETs to ICs, from ICs to CPUs, from CPUs to APUs and what’s beyond.

We are the generation that saw Earth transform from barbarians to Space-dwellers, we saw communication transform from smoke signals in Africa to the jumping jeosophats at the Speed of Light.

Welcome to my world, my passion and my dreams. Its been an incredible journey, and all the time worth the while!

Technology Specialist and Senior Net Citizen.


  • Get cool Windows app recommendations
  • Find great Windows tips and tricks
  • Read technology discussions and opinions
  • Search the app using the search charm
  • Share articles from the app using the share charm
  • Bookmark articles by right-clicking from within the article

System requirements

  • Internet connection is required to use this app
  • 1 GHz CPU or better
  • 1 GB RAM or better

Supported processors

x86, x64, ARM


English (United States)

Windows 8.1 Removes Windows Experience Index

 Microsoft first introduced the Windows Experience Index in Windows Vista. It was used to summarize the PC’s performance in an easy-to-understand point system. The Windows Experience Index measured components of the PC such as the hard drive, RAM, CPU, graphics, gaming performance, etc. It tested each of the component and gave it a score. The lowest of the score was used as the base score of the entire PC. In theory, it was supposed to make it easy for the consumer to know if a software or game would run on their PC. For example, if a software required the PC to have a base score of 4.6 but the PC had a base score of 3.1, the user would know that the software might not be a good purchase for their PC.

However, the Experience Index did not resonate with consumers. It was also rarely used in software’s system requirements. The only people that even looked at the experience index were technical savvy people and reviewers.

Microsoft removed the Experience Index from Windows RT but kept it on the original release of Windows 8 in October of 2012. However with Windows 8.1, Microsoft has decided to kill off the Experience Index completely. I have tested this on several PCs (touch and non-touch). Before upgrading my PCs, I was able to view the Experience Index on Windows 8.0. After upgrading to Windows 8.1, they were no longer present.

As you can see on the screenshot that compares Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the experience index is shown on Windows 8.0 and not on Windows 8.1. There is also no way the “enable” this feature. It is gone for good.

Windows 8 Experience Index

No Windows Experience Index 2

Sign Up for the Xbox-Live Beta Program for Summer 2013 Before Time is Up! [Update: Time's up!]

Xbox One Dashboard

Update: It appears that space has been full. Here’s a quote from major nelson: We’ve had an overwhelming demand for participation, and have closed registration.
If we re-open registration,
I’ll let you know

If you have an Xbox 360 and love testing the cutting-edge software, I have good news for you! You sign up for the beta program for your Xbox 360 this summer. This beta program will let you have an early download of the Xbox 360 dash board update that is coming this fall.

Space is limited, and, thus, you need to sign up for the beta BEFORE it is full. You can do this only form your Xbox 360 dashboard home screen. On the home screen, you will have an option to sign up for the beta. If you choose to do so, you will be prompted to install a small app for your Xbox. After you install the app, you will need to select the option to sign up for the beta again from the Xbox 36t0 home screen. This will launch the sign-up utility. Just follow the on-screen instructions to join the beta. Hurry because it’s filling up fast!

I do wander if we will see a UI change in this next update to match that of the UI shown off for the Xbox One. The Xbox One dashboard features a nicer looking dark background with bright tiles. It does look nicer than the current Xbox 360 dashboard. But we shall shee.

Source: Major Nelson

Calculator + HD – A True Type Calculator

Don’t you love it when you can type mathematic equations on a calculator as you would on your paper. Calculator + HD is a free app that lets you type math equations in its natural form. You no longer need to worry about parenthesis (or brackets), and special symbols. Use your keyboard or the on-screen keypad to input natural mathematics symbols, like fractions and square roots, and let the calculator solve the computation! It’s a very easy to use and powerful calculator!


Calculator+ HD is a scientific calculator with interactive graphical display and graph plotter.


  • Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Graph Calculator
  • Standard Calculator

Download it here: Calculator+ HD

Windows 8.1 Orange Tattooo

Windows 8.1 – The Subtle Improvements

With the new announcement, the internet is buzzing with the discussion of the major features of Windows 8.1. Therefore, I will not reiterate the things you may already know. Instead, I want to focus on some subtle changes in Windows 8.1 that you may have not known. There are many subtle improvements in Windows 8.1, but on the leaked build I am using, they are not yet enabled. There are other minor changes that I am not going to discuss yet because they are incomplete and will be refined further in future builds.

Start Screen Tattoos

In Windows 8, you could choose a limited number of static tattoos. The colors the tattoos are predefined and depends on the background color you chose for your Start Screen. In Windows 8.1, you are able to customize the colors of the tattoos independent of the background color of the start screen. You do this by setting the secondary Start Screen color. In this example, I have picked a blue tattoo on a black start screen, and I, then, selected an orange tattoo on the black start screen.

Furthermore, you can also have some animated tattoos in Windows 8.1. This is the closest to the resource intensive “Dreamscene” feature of Windows Vista Ultimate. But these animations on Windows 8.1 are nearly not as resource intensive.

Windows 8.1 Orange Tattooo

Windows 8.1 Orange Tattooo

Open Metro Apps in New Window

In Windows 8, Metro Style apps can only run in a single Window. On the Start Screen, if you right-click a metro app, you only see the options to unpin/pin, uninstall, and tile size options. In Windows 8.1, however, you have a new option when you right click a tile of a Metro App. This option is called “Open in a New Window”. This essentially allows you to open multiple windows of a Metro Style app.

Windows 8.1 Multiple Windows

Desktop Tile Improvements

In Windows 8, tiles of Desktop apps are uninteresting, as they only show the icon of the app with a background tile being a similar color as that of the Start Screen. In Windows 8.1, Desktop app tiles have background colors defined by the primary color of the app icon. For example, Microsoft Word will have a blue tile background, Excel with a green tile color, and Visual Studio with a purple tile color.

Modern File Manager

Windows 8.1 will come with a modern File Manager, labeled as “Skydrive”. I don’t agree with the naming of the app because this “Skydrive” app can do a lot more. Unlike other metro style apps, this app has full system access. If you look at the permission of the app, it shows that the app is trusted and has full access to the OS. For example, the file manager can open .exe files, which no other metro style app can do. If you have downloaded third party file manager apps, you will know that they cannot open .exe and other system files. The “Skydrive” app can open any files and access almost any location of the hard drive.

Windows 8.1 File Manager