Running Windows 98 in 2013 – Browsing the Web and Installing Modern Apps

Well, this is 2013, and Windows 98 was released in 1998. That’s a whooping 15 years! Yes, we are going to try running this 15 year old bad boy in 2013. We will browse the web and try installing modern software designed to run on Windows 7 and 8. Is it possible to browse today’s modern web? Can we install today’s applications in Windows 98? How far can we go? Join us, as we venture into the world of a 90’s operating system in the second decade of the 21th century!

6 thoughts on “Running Windows 98 in 2013 – Browsing the Web and Installing Modern Apps

  1. up to now this system works perfectly if it were not so insecure that I would pity it does not support the technology. NET it only supports COM +, parabens by video

    • Actually, Windows 98 supports .NET version 1.1. But I am not sure how many programs exists today that uses such an old version of .NET. Nevertheless, you can run old .NET apps. In fact, I believe Visual Studio .NET (version 7) works on Windows 98.

  2. But if the hackers find out what were doing, they will write viruses to the system during browsing and destroy the read only feature. just run attrib -r C:\ /d and then run any batch file you want! Good idea though, if we can hide the 9x underlay. It defiantly will be low on resources (what can beat a Pentium CPU and 24 MB of RAM?)

  3. Watched the entire video! I started in the days of DOS and Win 3.1 and this brought back some nostalgic memories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have Win95/98, in fact all old and expired OS as read only OS to use as junk browser to browse internet junk? Knowing they cannot be infected anymore. In which any changes to the OS environment is discarded once you’re done browsing.

    This is nostalgic man!

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