Cut the Rope Updates to Integrate Xbox Live, Achievements, and Leaderboards

Xbox Games on tiles

Ladies and gentilemen, we have a massive update to Cut the Rope game. This update finally brings the long awaited Xbox LIVE integration we have been waiting for. In theory, you can now earn Xbox achievements, get on the leaderboards, and log in to the game with your Xbox account. I say in theory because there seems to be a bug that is preventing users from signing in. However, I expect we will see an update soon. But here you have it. Enjoy the limited screenshot and app description!

Cut the Rope Main Menu can't connect

Source: Cut The Rope

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6 thoughts on “Cut the Rope Updates to Integrate Xbox Live, Achievements, and Leaderboards”

  1. Here we are, 4 days later, and it still can’t sign in to Xbox Live. Even in your screenshot above!

      1. I read that the same thing happened to Pac-Man CE for Windows 8 – but it doesn’t need an update for the game; the servers just aren’t up yet. In my book, if you’re re-releasing a game to feature Xbox Live integration, turning the servers on is a pre-release priority.

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