8 thoughts on “Office 365 Preview Expires on January 16, 2013 — Upgrade Now!

    • Yes, of course. Nothing will happen when your subscription runs out. If your subscription expires, all of your office apps will only be able to read files and not edit them. Basically, you can view office documents but won’t be able to edit them. Your PC won’t be harmed when the subscription expires.

      • figures. so no good way to avert this? does this apply to the webs apps? do i have to uninstall 2013 and use the starter my computer comes with? :(

      • It appears we had a false alarm! Sorry for the inconvenience. You can continue to use Office 365 preview for free until up to 60 days after the final version ships. Please see this article for more info http://mcakins.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/false-alarm-office-365-preview-doesnt-expire-yet/

        Now, about office web apps: office web apps are always free. Microsoft doesn’t charge for those. Even after Office 365 expires, you can continue to use Office web apps for free from skydrive.com. Just log in to skydrive and open or create a document in the office web app.

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