Capturing GPU Usage on Windows 8

To analyze your device’s GPU usage by Windows 8 please follow these simple steps:

1. Download Process Explorer from Microsoft and install as usual.

2. Run the Process Explorer as Admin by right-clicking on the Icon on Start Screen and on the App bar below elect to run as Admin. You need to do this to see the GPU readouts.


3. Click on any of the Graphs on the toolbar, System Information opens:


4. Select the GPU tab and Click the Engine button. GPU Engine History screen opens:


Run any Graphic intensive application or just use Windows 8 as usual and come back to see your GPU usage history.

10 thoughts on “Capturing GPU Usage on Windows 8

  1. The information is very useful. Thank you for sharing the knowledge with me. I hope you can continue to post articles so that I can always get new knowledge from you. once again I thank you and wish you continued success

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  3. Hi, thanks for the post on the Building Windows 8 Blog! I asked the same thing about 3 times, on Technet, MS Answers and BWin8Blog… I appreciate to see, I am not the only one wanting a GPU utilization graph in the task manager.

    • Yup, we just need MS to be transparent on how much use are they making of the GPU especially on the x86/x64 Platform. On ARM, they don’t have a choice but to make full use of the GPU there since the CPU is nothing. That is why they’ve been coy about allowing people to review ARM Win8 devices. I just hope their optimization experience on ARM will bleed into the Intel platform. The more they make use GPU, the more battery can be conserved.

  4. I wonder how this System Service would interact with an Intel 4000GMA chip using a QuickSync enabled video compression/transcoding program? Would love to see how much QuickSync engages the processing units on the embedded graphics adapter. Might have to try that out on a laptop when Win8 finally ships.

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