Windows 8 New Apps Alerts: New Releases Are Back – #Win8

Microsoft decided to open up the store now that I have pointed out the New Apps that debuted in the past weekend. They have brought back the “New Releases” tile as indicated. And this time it really works!


As you can see, they’ve surfaced the Apps I exposed this past weekend and added a few to the bunch. Suffice to say I am beginning to like the quality of these released apps:


For those of you that haven’t read my blog, please see my treatise on this blog for:

  • Euro Cup 2012
  • LifeCam Dashboard
  • Channel 9
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  • FlipToast

The two remaining apps are what I am reporting now in this blog.


The Big Picture is a rarity in an imaging App. It reminds me of MS PhotoSynth and DeepZoom combined into one App. This app promises to blow your mind with the depth of clarity on Very High Resolution Pictures and the richness of giga-pan that is the domain of Windows 8 Metro. It simply screams Metro. Go try it for your pleasure.

The second App Dicourse is my personal favorite.


Discourse is a feed reader that promises to let your create you own Newspaper experience with your favourite feeds. I was mad at Microsoft for removing the feed reader that came with Windows  8 Developer Preview in Win8CP. I loved that App to no end. It was the perfect news reader. So, since Windows 8 Consumer Preview debuted, I have been looking for a replacement that let me add my own favourite feeds. I think I have found it in Discourse. You can add you own Sections that functions like categories, and add your feeds. This is what you get as result:


You presented with an oversight of important news in easy to read, horizontal Pan mode. Touch or Click on a news of interest and you are  taken to detail view:


The chosen Gray theme is easy on the eyes. I have been enjoying this app, I sincerely hope you will too.

All the mentioned apps are now visible under the “New Releases” button. So go have yourselves a feast.



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