Windows 8 New App Alert: MS Lifecam Dashboard


If you have MS Hardware’s LifeCam HD webcam, MS is releasing a Metro App for you: LifeCam Dashboard

This app comes with Video chat, Picture snap, photo retouch features. Unfortunately I couldn’t test the app because I didn’t have the LifeCam hardware. I was hoping it will work with other webcams, I tested it with my Logitech QuickCam Pro, but it didn’t work. So I don’t have much to tell here. Hopefully those of you with LifeCam can test this out and give a feedback on your experience. From what I can see, the app looks solid. Note the “App Preview” warning at the top of the App. You can be sure this is a work-in-progress. So expect some flakiness.

ATTENTION: The App is not visible in the store, you will need to search for it to find it. Open the Store, active the Charm and do a Search for LifeCam.

- McAkins.

[Update: 2012-07-21]
For everyone missing this app and the rest of Microsoft apps in the store, this app was introduced in the Consumer Preview timeframe. Since the Release Preview version of Windows 8 was released en of May, Microsoft has removed most of their apps from the store. Apps like the Build App, the Channel 9 and Xbox games apps are missing at the moment. We think they are polishing these apps for the RTM, hopefully we will see them back in the Store in a few weeks as Windows 8 is released to manufacturing. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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2 thoughts on “Windows 8 New App Alert: MS Lifecam Dashboard”

  1. I have LifeCam Studio and can’t find the Lifecam Dashboard in Windows 8 app store. where do you look for it.

    1. Unfortunately, the App is no more in the Store at the moment. If you look at the post date, you’ll see it was in the Consumer Preview timeframe. Since Release Preview a lot of Microsoft own apps are missing in the Store. We are sure they are tuning these apps and that they’ll be available with RTM in a few weeks. Stay tuned to this site for news of when all Microsoft Apps are available again.

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